Micro water jet technology for gentle debridement

Efficient, thorough, tissue-preserving

Successful wound treatment is still one of today's major challenges of modern medicine.

A wound-healing disorder associated with acute or chronic wounds is often caused by multiple factors that need to be considered through a holistic approach during the treatment phase. Patients with delayed wound healing have a greatly compromised quality of life. The most important precondition for wound healing a thorough and tissue-preserving cleaning. The gentle removal of infected, damaged or necrotic tissue by means of micro water jet technology has shown excellent healing results.

Multicenter, Randomized Controlled Clinical Investigation Evaluating a Unique Micro Water Jet
Technology Device Versus Standard Debridement in the Treatment of Diabetic Foot


David G. Armstrong,DPM, MD, PhD1,Marissa J. Carter, PhD, MA2, Charles M. Zelen,DPM, FACFAS,FACFAOM4
1Division of Surgery, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA; 2Strategic Solutions,
Inc, Cody, WY; 3Professional Education and Research Institute, Roanoke,VA


Flexible, handy, economic

debritom+ cleans acute and chronic wounds precisely and in a tissue-preserving manner. A high-pressure micro water jet removes slough such as fibrin, necrosis and biofilm, removes foreign bodies from acute wounds and is ideally suited for efficient irrigation of wounds.

The micro water jet technology is a tissue-preserving and efficient alternative to conventional surgical procedures such as those performed with a scalpel or a curette.

debritom+ is used for both in-patient and out-patient treatment. The treatment can be performed without any general anesthesia, with no or only local anesthesia being sufficient. Prescribed by a physician, a wound care specialist can perform the debridement, using this sophisticated and minimally invasive technique, without any assistance. Instead of just performing only a dressing change, the wound can be debrided* at the same time. The pressure intensity setting at the device, the angle and distance between the wound, and the fineness of the wiping of the wiping motions determine how much of the wound surface is debrided.

*Wound debridement is defined as the removal of necrotic tissue and deposits such as biofilm, fibrin and detritus, as well as the removal of foreign bodies down to intact anatomical structures while preserving the granulation tissue.

The method involves mechanical cleaning and stimulation by the micro water jet.

debritom+ works with a high-pressure micro water jet that removes both soft and tough slough from the wound, accurately and in a tissue-preserving manner. To this end, a sterile fluid is sprayed through a jet onto the wound surface at a selected intensity level. During debridement, draping is used to protect the treatment provider, the patient and the treatment setting from aerosols.

The debridement is continued until all dead tissue and biofilm is removed. Minimal superficial bleeding from the wound bed is a desirable effect. The treatment provider deliberately provokes microbleeding in order to bring about hyperemization, which accelerates the regenerative process of the wound healing during all four phases (exudation, proliferation, maturation and epithelialization). The treatment of patients undergoing anticoagulation therapy is generally unproblematic. Any time, micro water jet debridement is being applied, mircobleeding might occur. However, the microbleeding is only one factor in the deliberate stimulation and activation of the body's own wound healing.

debritom+ can be used with various irrigation fluids.

debritom+ is compatible with all commercially available irrigation fluids such as 0,9% saline solution or solutions containing polyhexanide and other wound irrigation fluids. The functionality of debritom+ is not compromised.

Product details at a glance


Effective time-saving 10-minute treatment session

Experience has shown that debridement with debritom+ reduces the amount of time required for wound treatment.

Thoroughly removes fibrin, biofilm and necrotic tissue

Fibrin, biofilm and necrotic tissue are thoroughly removed from the wound. The desired microbleeding and intact granulation are visible.

Reduced formation of scar tissue

Compared to surgical methods, considerably less scar tissue forms. The treated surface has a very smooth appearance and the tissue remains soft and stable. There is no tightness or uneven sloughing associated with hyperkeratosis.

No general anesthesia required

In most cases, local anesthesia or superficial anesthesia is sufficient, even for treating large wounds.

Transforms chronic wounds into acute wounds

Debridement with the micro water jet method transforms stagnant, chronic wounds into acute wounds; in other words, wound healing is re-initiated.

Types of wounds

debritom+ is used for the following areas of application:

Chronic wounds

  • Cleaning and debridement of necrotic, dry, wet and other slowly healing wounds
  • Preparing the wound surface for skin transplant or skin substitud
  • Stimulating renewal of stagnant wound healing

Acute wounds

  • High-pressure irrigation and cleansing
  • Removal of foreign bodies


  • Venous and arterial leg ulcers
  • Diabetic foot syndrome
  • Decubitus
  • Infected acute wounds
  • Burn and scald wounds

Areas of application

debritom+ is used for the following areas of application:


  • Out-patient wound care facilities
  • Nursing homecare centers
  • Ambulatory surgical wound care centers


  • Bedside in the patient room
  • Operating rooms
  • Accident & Emergency

Technical data

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